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"I went to see Jim Horn after I was diagnosed with an excruciatingly painful herniated disc in my neck. If anyone would have told me that I would be back to doing the activities I used to do, I wouldn't believe them.
Jim is patient, gentle, and extremely supportive. He puts his heart into his job and takes the time to thoroughly explain everything. He is very attentive, and checks frequently to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.
Remarkably, even before I completed all of my therapy sessions, I was back to kayaking and paddle boarding, activities I never dreamed I would be able to do again. Jim has given me the tools to continue to improve and live an active lifestyle. He is a superb therapist and a really nice guy." ~ Sandi S.

"I know I thanked you before, but I cannot thank you enough for getting me healthy after my surgery.  You are a great physical therapist - you’re gentle in your approach to therapy, encouraging when I felt like I was not making progress and you were firm and stood your ground when I wanted to increase my activity before I was ready.
                Your (w)holistic approach to the initial evaluation, the structured physical therapy visits and the post “graduation” process is very progressive and realistic.  Your desire to continually educate yourself and your patients is a testament to your commitment to creating more informed and healthier clients.
                To this day, I practice many of the exercises you taught me and know that my body is in better health because of you." ~ Kendra S.

"This is the first time I have ever posted a testimonial, but felt it was necessary as Chelsea PT & Rehab is an outstanding facility.  Jim (the owner) is not only smart, knowledgeable, and a caring Physical Therapist, but one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and is completely vested in your overall health and recovery.  His has surrounded himself with an amazing staff (Deidra, PT and Nancy, Office Manager) that is a reflection of himself. The positive energy is seamless between everyone who is part of this practice.  I’ve had the pleasure of receiving PT from Jim this year, Deidra five years ago for shoulder surgeries (the latest one with serious complications).  Even though I have some great PT’s in the office building I work in, I made the trip to Jim’s practice, because of his overall approach and commitment to each patient.  Not only does he work closely with your health care professional’s office while creating a treatment plan tailored to your recovery, but will stay in contact with you (even during after-hours if needed) to answer any questions or issues you might run into on your own time.  He spends the necessary time on each visit, vetting the recovery process and explaining to you what he is doing and why he might make adjustments to the treatment plan.  If you are interested, he strongly believes in empowering you with his knowledge so that not only will it help you heal faster, but then you can use this information to continue great health long after you stop needing PT.  He truly cares about your well-being.  And as mentioned, it does not stop with him or Deidra. Nancy (the Office Manager) is extremely proactive in making sure everything is in order for you.  From contacting your insurance, helping you fill out the forms needed for the first visit, reaching out to the Doctor’s office for clarification if needed, to scheduling your visits.  She understands the paperwork side of this business better than most and will not hesitate to deal with the insurance companies to help make the process is as painless as possible for you, all while being friendly and compassionate.  And one more thing worth mentioning, Jim backs up his knowledge with degrees from two well-known universities.  It is incredible how well he understands the anatomy from a holistic point a view on how the body works as a whole, not just the area of treatment in need of PT. I’ll never be able to truly convey how thankful I am for everything his practice has done for me.  I highly recommend his practice, you won’t be disappointed."  ~ Michael L.

     "Working with Jim was an absolute pleasure.  I started working with Jim when I was diagnosed with a hamstring injury in the middle of training for my first marathon.  By working with Jim, I was able to confidently toe the starting line, and complete the race.  The tools and exercises I did while under his care allowed my to go from not being able to run a mile without pain to running 26.2 miles pain-free.  The best part about my experience with Jim was the way in which he was completely invested in my recovery.  In addition to explaining the purpose of each rehabilitative exercise and movement, he took time outside of our session to check in with me and assuage me of any concerns I may have expressed.  He never lost confidence in my recovery or my ability to return to the activities I loved.  Thanks to Jim I continue to run pain-free."  ~ Vanessa G., attorney


      "Over the last 4 or 5 years I have needed to have physical therapy to help me recover from a fractured shoulder, and more recently to help counter a persistent and worsening tightness in my knee that was making it painful to climb stairs.  I saw Jim Horn for both of these problems, and his attentive and skillful hands-on help was fundamental to my recovery from both of these problems.  Furthermore, he taught me a series of specific exercises and stretches that not only helped counter both of my injuries but that have made me stronger and more flexible in general.  I have seen other physical therapists in the past, and like anything, it is always difficult to find someone who is outstanding at his or her job.  Not only is Jim extremely skilled and knowledgeable of his trade, he is a great person and getting to know him over these last few years has been an added bonus.  I feel very fortunate both to have had his help and to have gotten to know him (And by the many physical therapists do you know with a degree from both Columbia and Cornell?)"  ~ Stuart Williams, Architect and Visual Artist, New York City

      "About a year ago, I suffered a chronic pain that started in my thumb and, as time progressed, made its way up my arm.  Carpel tunnel with a touch of tennis elbow is what my primary care physician suspected and an orthopedist actually diagnosed, but no amount of rest or time spent in braces helped.  I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep; I was useless.  Only when I saw Jim Horn was the true cause of the discomfort revealed.  Jim diligently worked to solve the mystery of my arm.  Much to my surprise, it turned out that torn tissue in my shoulder was to blame - even though my shoulder never once hurt during that episode.  Without Jim in my corner, I never would've known what was responsible for my discomfort and how best to treat it.  Today, my arm is back to normal without so much as a twinge to remind me of that bleak time!"   ~ Betsy R., News Producer

        "To the entire team at Chelsea  Physical Therapy, thank you for getting my life back on track. No one ever wants to be severely injured and getting back to the person I once was would have been all but impossible without their talents.

~Charles J

        "Chelsea Physical Therapy was exactly what I needed to bounce back quickly. Before coming to them I had never done physical therapy before. Working with Deidre I had someone who was very supportive of my recovery. I never would have thought I could get back as much range of motion as I did and I'm happy to say that I'm able to do things I didn't think I'd be able to do again. It's a great place, where everyone is in a good mood, even if they're straining through an exercise. ~Greg R