Our ergonomics specialist, Deidre Ann Johnson, has been a physical therapist and massage therapist for over 20 years.  She will bring her expertise to you!

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Ergonomics is about fitting the workspace to the person

Chronic pain and physical discomfort are the leading cause of 

  • Employee absenteeism
  • Diminished or lost work productivity
  • Increased health care costs
  • Reduced employee morale

The Institute of Medicine estimates the economic burden of chronic pain and physical

discomfort to be between $45 and $54 billion dollars annually in compensation costs,

lost wages, and lost productivity.

Common Causes of Pain


Poor posture at work space

Adjustable chair with built in

lumbar support

Sitting too long in one position

Combine sitting with standing tasks


Keyboard and mouse overuse

Keyboard and mouse at appropriate

position for arms

Monitor in wrong place

Position monitor to enforce proper

head and neck alignment

Improper telephone useUse a headset or speaker phone